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Academy M-151A1 in 1/35

Hi Guys here is my Academy, M151 A1 in 1/35 scale.

Aftermarket parts:

Legend 1/35 M151A2 Detailing Set

Colors and weathering effects, by Ammo-Mig and Tamiya.

Have a great day!

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19 responses to Academy M-151A1 in 1/35

  1. Nice jeep. My favorite car is a Jeep.

  2. Great work Allon, exquisite weathering too!

  3. Nice! Looks well worn.

  4. Nicely finished here. Well done!

  5. That Jeep really needs some maintenance at the field depot 😉
    Good model as usual Allon!

  6. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A very nice and good looking model Allon. The weathering is very well done.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  7. There’s too much dust on the tires, clean the spare tire. The academy has better details than Tamiya and has engine construction.

  8. Well, Michel stole the word I was going to use! Another beauty!

  9. Allon @allonkira67
    We had these M-151A2’s when I served in the US Army. They were a lot of fun to drive, but you had to be careful not to flip one over if you turned it too quick while travelling too fast. I had a friend do this once………. Luckily all he ended up with was a broken arm, since it happened in the desert and the sand helped to cushion his impact. We flipped the Jeep back over on the wheels and drove it away !!! They were very dependable and other than a flat tire or an occasional cracked windshield, I don’t remember anything that was problematic with them. They were very dependable, and very hard to get one stuck !!!! The one thing I didn’t like was sitting on top of the gas tank……… it’s located under the driver seat.

    They were also very cold when we drove them in the winter. Our unit Commander didn’t allow us to add the side doors or windows. This allowed for better vision so I can understand why it was done. We were open to the environment other than the canvas roof and windshield. In the summer months we took the canvas top off like you have displayed here.

    Your Jeep looks very realistic, and brought back some memories. Thanks for sharing this little beauty with us.

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