Alpine Canary…1/48 North American T-6G Texan, Austrian Airforce

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After my fellow countryman Roland Sachsenhofer posted his () French I looked through my foto albums and realized that there were only very old pics of my father´s Austrian that he built with the same kit a while ago for our homeland collection. So here it is with fresh new pics.
The decals are from IPMS Austria. As far as I remember my dad used masking tape for the seatbelts and added some scratch antennas for the belly. The yellow paint was a selfmix. Back then I didn´t do WIP threads so I can´t tell you more about the model.

Like many other airforces around the world, also the Austrian one used the good old T-6 as trainer.
In 1959, the US government loaned 10 Texans to our Austrian Airforce. They were stationed in Graz-Thalerhof /Styria and Linz-Hörsching/Upper-Austria. The last aircraft was decommissioned in 1971. One survived and is now in a museum, two were lost in accidents (2 people killed) and the rest was scrapped.

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  1. I love it Reinhard. The yellow and black is a perfect match for this airframe in my opinion. The yellow paintwork is beautifully executed, especially given how difficult it can be to paint and weather (even so subtly). You should be very proud of your father's work. Also thanks for all the great photo angles.

  2. Great how you modulate the yellow and make it look natural in a convincing way! Combined with the differentiated treatment of the panel lines, this simply results in a wonderful, successful effect! Quite a adorable outcome...

    • Thanks a lot Roland!
      Initially my father airbrushed the model with a different yellow. But he wasn´t satisfied with the tone, so he mixed a new one and applied it over the first one. Guess this caused the modulation. But he usually tries to airbrush in a way the paint surface doesn´t become too even or "boring".

  3. A magnificent build, Reinhard!
    Great "new" photos too!

  4. What a clean job, even with weathering!
    hats off

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    CJ said on July 10, 2020

    Either you or your friend Roland are both tossups for the most Austrian names ever. Your model is ausgezeichnet. Speaking of the T-6, maybe you just saw this recent post:

    • Thanks!
      Yes I saw that post, Texans everywhere 😀
      I guess the T-6 was one of the most widely used trainer aircraft in the world.
      Yeah, the names Hofer and ...hofer are very common in Austria (and also Bavaria)

  6. Fully agree with all the previous posts.
    A great build, especially because of the full yellow painting.
    Well done.

  7. Good looking Texan, especially in yellow.

  8. Thank you very much for all the comments and likes!

  9. Trainers have such cool paint schemes. Great job, Reinhard.

  10. Everyone stole my thunder - beautifully done! Love the paint work.

  11. It's all beautifully done, but I especially admire the canopy frame, that is just exquisitly done!

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