Building the PBM-5A Mariner / US-NAVY

April 3, 2019 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2.9K

Kit: -5A scale
Model finished: January 2019
Modeler: Roberto Lúcio / [email protected]
Club: GPP-JG400 – Grupo de Plastimodelismo e Pesquisa JG-400 / Natal – RN – Brasil

I've always enjoyed US Navy aircraft because of its style, variety, power and color scheme. I received this kit from the USA, as a gift from my daughter a few years ago, and I decided to build it to attend a GB in my club, with theme Brazil in WW2. After starting, I was surprised to know this version (A) did not operate in Brazil during WW2, and only the flying boat did it. So I decided to build the kit in the scheme shown in the box, and to begin later onother model (P-47D) to the GB. The kit is really nice, with good fit in almost every parts, thin recessed lines and interesting details. The wing fitting in the fuselage used a lot of putty and sanding, and the nose tower really can not be put in place with the fuselage closed. I had to cut a part of the clear part, plus some adjustments to fit.
The painting was done with enamel Modelmaster.
I used 2 figures in a simple base, just to give a dimension view of this great seabird.
Finally, a simple model, out-of-the-box style building.

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  1. Looks good! I had one of these in my stash but decided to donate it to our club show raffle - just decided I didn't want another large kit in my limited display cabinets. I do love the Mariner though. You definitely did it justice.

  2. I once saw one of these monsters at the airshow back when Buckley Field in Denver was a Naval Air Station. Too young to know to take detail shots during the interior tour. 🙂

    Nice work on this.

  3. Wonderful work...nicely done indeed.

  4. beautiful dad flew these late 50's...well done

  5. There is one left indoors at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Arizona.

  6. I would like to visit this museum some day.

  7. I always think of "Flight 19" when I see these kits. The aircraft
    that was sent out to look for the Grumman's disappeared somewhere off the coast of Florida along with the rest. Folks are still combing the bottom of the sea looking for the planes. The last program that I saw discovered a Skywarrior that was lost in training... while looking for the Mariner.

    Two thumbs up Roberto on building this one.

  8. Flight 19 will always be considered an impressive and important fact of aviation and of the general history.
    Thank you, Stephen.

  9. Thanks for posting your build and your comments. I just got this (Dec 2019) and am looking forward to building it. The last time I built one was the Revell one in about 1960. You did good.

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