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Fiat CR.42 Falco

ICM 1/32 Fiat CR.42AS

The latest off the slab, an ICM 1/32 Fiat CR.42AS built pretty much oob with a few tweaks to cockpit and air filter. Painted with Tamiya XF's and weathered with pastels. A quick, easy build and one that I can thoroughly recommend!

Fiat Cr.42 Falco , Major Tito Falconi, CO 23rd Sqn. 1940 Sicily

1:48 Italeri All was going quite well until the top wing had to go on. The locating 'male' nipples on the ends of the struts were ~ 0.3 mm deep, almost pointless. Combine that with struts that were probably from different kits and you get [...]

Two-winged throwback-ICM 1/32 Fiat CR-42

Reluctant to give up the high manueverability of the fighter biplane, the powers that be in the Regia Aeronautica accepted this design in 1939, despite the writing on the wall that monoplanes were the new wave. The British Gloster [...]

Fiat CR.42 CN (Caccia Notturna), 377a Squadriglia...

Fiat CR.42 CN (Caccia Notturna), 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Intercettori, Palermo (Sicily), 1943 This is the "Falco" of Tenente Luigi Torchio. "Io dormire più non posso" means "I can't sleep anymore". ICM n. [...]

Italeri 1/48 Fiat CR.42 'Falco'

Well, another kit completed, this time, the long term project of the Fiat people voted for. Firstly, I wanted to apologise to everyone who voted for this and wanted this to be completed back a year ago! I just never had the mojo to [...]

1:48 Fiat CR.42 (Italeri) Royal Hungarian Air Force 1942

Hi! It's been a while I posted anything. I slowed down a bit but some work done recently among the "half-made stash". I started this kit a year ago parallel with the awful Artiplast CR.32 but couldn't decide what color fits to it [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Fiat CR.42 CN

The last of the great biplane fighters to enter service in 1938, the Fiat CR.42 “Falco” (Falcon) became the single most-produced Italian fighter. Agile, light, and regarded by Regia Aeronautica pilots as a wonderful aircraft to fly, [...]