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Now for Something Completely Different (at least for me) Hasegawa 1/48 Nate

October 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 · 1.4K

I as a rule never build Japanese aircraft. Not because of any bias, but just because most of their subject matter doesn't interest me all that much. I built this though to have something to enter into the local Dragon Show. A show put on by Dragon and I believe , marketing lots of other items they make besides models. The one catch of course was that the kit had to be Dragon or Hasegawa. This became my quick and easy 100% OOB build, including the decals...which were PHENOMENAL.

I know little or nothing about the aircraft and built it following the kit directions. It was pretty straight forward, the one main issue was the one piece canopy. Even with a dip in Future it didn't clear up that nice and when I glued it down, if fogged along the top of the sliding portion and the rear point crazed, it looks like it shattered.

I painted with Testor's enamels and clear coated, the decals snuggled up so nicely you can see how even the rivets came sucked down. Incredible really! I painted the base, and have it for any future builds of the Japanese Empire I may build.

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  1. Really nice looking Nate! Like how you were able to get the details around the cowling flaps to show. These kits are gems IMO.

  2. Hi Walt:

    30 years ago I experimented with "Future Floor Wax," (FFW) and started glueing my one and 2 piece wind screens and canopies with it. I never had a problem.

    I quit modeling in 2016, and have 284 models here at home and the clear parts still look like I put them on today...EXPERIMENT...

    • Thanks Rodney @f2g1d I always clean and dip my clear parts in Future. I did this one too, but gluing it down caused the issues. I have never tried using Future to actually attach the canopies, and will give it a try when I have a good fitting one in the future. Thanks for the Tip!

  3. Walt, that Nate just leaps off the pages. Taking a one color scheme and making it look so busy with those markings. Though I have several Japanese aircraft on the shelf and a couple in progress, color schemes are rather limited in choices. The Japanese made some really beautiful aircraft but looking for some schemes that really grab your attention not so much. The decal work, the washes really makes this Nate stand out. Well done. The canopy looks fine. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Walt, @luftwaffe-birdman
    This is a wonderful little kit ! It looks magnificent... I especially like how the wash you applied has brought out the fine / petit surface details that are cast into the plastic right out of the box. The decals look amazing too ! I wouldn't worry too much about the canopy... it looks just fine as it is.

    I have built two of these little beauties, and if I had more of them, I wouldn't hesitate to build those up either. The fit is still good, even though this kit originated in the 1970's, as the molds have held up very well.

    There is still plenty of time left in our current Empire of Japan group build, so please feel free to join us. No invitation is required, as it is open to all. We would really like to see you there. This will give you the perfect excuse to use your magnificent display base again 🙂

    I pressed the "liked " button too... Well done my friend.

    • Louis, @lgardner thanks for the incredibly kind words! Sometimes just doing a quick build gives you some of the most fun and best results. I have to admit, I am not sure if I even have another Japanese kit in my stash, but thank you very much for the invite. I have been following a number of the builds going on over in the Empire of Japan group, some really nice work there.

    • Louis:

      The canopy fit perfect on the real airplane, so it should be the same on the kit. I was a local, regional and IPMS/USA National Judge from 1984-2015 when I retired from building. Your model is excellent, but if it's in the 3 model winning circle it should "NOT" have that none.

  5. Neat Nate @luftwaffe-birdman!

    • and that base. . . . well done! I'm also gonna hit the star on my way outta here
  6. That's a fantastic bird! I may continue my theme of finding a 1/48 build someone has done really well, and try to duplicate it in 1/72. I did just take a look in my stash, and I have a Hawegawa kit of this in 1/72, so...

  7. Very nice build. The decals look like they're painted on. The finish of the paint and the rivets give it some interesting detail. Good job

  8. Very nice build! The decals look like they're painted on. The finish of the paint and the rivets give it some interesting detail. I need to build this kit!

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    It so seems you overcame this slight issue, very nice, clean and sharp looking NATE model Walt.

  10. A beauty it is, Walt.
    Those decals are indeed looking great, like the rest of your build as well.

  11. Hi Walt @luftwaffe-birdman!
    This is a wonderful model of a sweet kit
    Decals worked perfect.
    About Future: sometimes I may experience some hint of fogging, I just cannot justify what might have gone wrong, as this great stuff is supposed to be self leveling and self shining.
    Your canopy looks great from here, anyway.
    It would be just perfect to "see" you in the Empire of Japan GB!

  12. Excellent work, Walt! Nice pivot from your normally German specialty (which are also all awesome). The Testor's enamels add a new sheen of consummate "glow" to it. Hope it did/does well at the show, and looking forward to more of the Japanese models from you, chief.

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