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1/144 Czech Master Resin Martin JMR3 Mars

1/144 Czech Master Resin Martin JMR3 Mars - Complete resin kit. Very fragile translucent propellers and landing gear. Used brass pins for durability and strength on every join especially ‘beaching-landing gear’. Beautiful resin [...]

Shelf of Doom Pt 2 Eduard Spitfire FR IX

This is another testament to my bad choices! 30 months ago, when I still lived in the UK, I very happily surveyed the contents of the highly praised Eduard Spitfire MkIX profipack. It was due to be my second build upon returning to the [...]

Revell 1/72 Type IXc U-Boat, U-505 Capture June 1944.

Built out of box. First time using salt treatment. The conning tower is insignia blue, ya, I couldn't belive it too but according to a couple of sites this was the color. Figures are from Czech Masters with some modification.