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IDF Caterpillar D9R Doobi

Meng 1/35 Doobie D9R

A great kit by Meng. Although complex, the fit of parts is excellent and the detailing is exquisite. It is among the few military vehicles where the weathering patterns can be borrowed from civilian equivalents, thus no need to use [...]

Doobi Overhaul

This diorama was once slightly bigger before it was reduce to the size you see in the photos. I wanted to concentrate on making smaller dioramas, so decided to re-do the diorama. The cab is now back on and figures have been re-arranged. [...]

Meng 1/35 D9R armored bulldozer

An excellent kit by Meng depicting the Israeli version Doobie (teddy bear). I added Voyager's slat armor, which resembles the real armor than the plastic option. It is a complex and time consuming build, but well worth the effort.

Major Overhaul – Stage 3

Ok guys. Here is stage 3. As you can see, since stage 2 was posted sometime ago, I've added a scratch built steel truss with an overhead crane. The overhead crane is a kit from Walthers. Yes, it is a HO scale railroad kit. But within the [...]

Bits & Pieces (D9R Upcoming diorama Teaser) - Stage 1

Hi all. This is what I've been working on lately. It' a D9R propped on wooden blocks. This will be the center piece for my latest diorama. All the other details will be in the diorama. The diorama will be called...'Major Maintenance'. Hope [...]

Takom 1:72 M1070 w/M1000 w/D9R Bulldozer Part III -- The Full Monty

The final installment--tractor, trailer and dozer (and a whole lot of dirt). The last step was to put the trailer to the tractor and the dozer to the trailer and tie it all together with copious amount of pastel dirt.

Takom 1:72 M1070 w/M1000 w/D9R Bulldozer Part II

Completed the dozer for this awesome Takom kit. Despite the apparent complexity, the parts count was actually modest thanks to good parts engineering. The driver's compartment is well appointed for its scale but is only visible if you [...]

After ambush

I've started to build this diorama in January, finally it is ready, not perfect but as far as it is my second diorama it is not bad i think, hope you like it... 🙂


Excellent kit, loved every minute... It will be part of my "After ambush" diorama, coming soon... BTW when I started to build models 2 years before, I did not expect to reach this level so soon, but lot of learning and practice [...]

Caterpillar D9R "doobi"

HI, It' my last build for may ! . 1/35Meng model of the israel bull ! fantastic kit building from the box. I choose to light weathering. A real monster : with a Merkava IV on the last pic you can see more pics on my blog : (link) See you [...]