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Avro Lancaster "Dambuster", Revell (04295) 1/72

As part of the "80th Anniversary of Dambuster Raid - group build!" created by Bernard @lis, I entered with the Revell kit 04295 in 1/72 scale. It was already 10 months ago that I received this kit and it still took two months [...]

Avro Lancaster B.III Dambuster Airfix 1:72

So in May we had the 80th anniversary of the Dams Raid. I have been preparing for this construction for some time, but I decided to start work around the anniversary of the event. The 1:72 scale Airfix Avro Lancaster model is well known to [...]

80th anniversary BuildRevell 1/72nd Lancaster BIII special, 617 Sqd. Op. Chastise

Oh my... was this a bit of a bas*ard to build... From missing part to having to reshape the entire wing sections in order to make it fit, i totally underestimated this kit, and the length of time it would take to make it perfect. This led [...]

Squadron Leader Johnny Johnsonthe last Dambuster

I noted in the author's foreword of my coming book on VIII Fighter Command that none of the people in the book, many of whom I had been privileged to know, were still alive. Obituary from The Telegraph: Squadron Leader Johnny Johnson, who [...]

On This Day…May 16th.

I can’t think of any better way of trying to capture the story of the Dambusters than just letting Guy Gibson himself describe the critical moments of that that famous raid on May 16th, 1943... “Terry turned on the spotlights and [...]

100 Year RAF Anniversary GB Tamiya 1/48th Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII No. 617 Squadron Operation Chastise

16 May 1943, 19 modified Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII bombers take off from Scampton Air Field lead by W/Cdr. Guy Gibson in AJ G call sign "George" in the first wave. This flight consisted of 9 aircraft to hit the Mohne Dam, and [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Avro “Type 464 (Provisioning)” – 100th Anniversary of the RAF Group Build

Little needs to be said about the Lancaster, one of the truly legendary “greats” of the Second World War. A product of brilliant improvisation when the twin-engine Manchester proved underpowered and unreliable, Avro took the airframe [...]