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Review: Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Albacore Mk.II

The Aircraft: The origins of the Albacore, popularly known as the "Applecore", originated in Air Ministry Specification S.41/36 issued on 11 February 1937, as well as the earlier Specification M.7/36, which had sought a [...]

Fairey Fulmar series - Raul Hrubisko 1/72 scale

Hi My father has just finished this new project. We have been working for a couple of months on it. This is the final list and the final photos. To be honest, I never thought that the Fulmar series has 22 models. I thought that it would be [...]

Airfix 1/48 Gannet!!

Airfix has announced a 1/48 Fairey Gannet. With a wing-fold option! Bye bye CA kit.

MPM 1/48 Fairey Fulmar

Emerging from the Fairey Battle project, the Fulmar was submitted as a response to a prewar British specification, calling for a two-crew fighter capable of observation and fleet defense operations. As the aircraft was intended to [...]

Armory Models 1/48 Fairey Flycatcher (early production)

History: The Fairey Flycatcher holds the honor of being the first designed-for-the purpose single-seat carrier-borne fighter to enter production. It served the Fleet Air Arm from 1923-1935, and was remembered with affection by the pilots [...]

EDUARD (SH) Fairey fulmar 1/48

Here is my latest work. Everything with this model went fine, almost till the end. Then, when i was removing masks, i revieled a broken canopy clear part. For a few days i didn't do anything, and then... I decided, it stays the way that [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Battle, Royal Hellenic Air Force

Hi everyone! This my Classic Airframes 1/48 Fairey Battle, finished as a Royal Hellenic Air Force bird. The Fairey Battle was a British single-engine light bomber that was designed and manufactured by the Fairey Aviation Company. It was [...]

Fairey Rotodyne, XE521, Fairey Aviation Company Limited, White Waltham Airfield England 1959.

1/72 Airfix, I modified a few things, rotor and prop' shafts, control surfaces, doors etc, finished in MM and Humbrol enamels with Future over kit decals, built 2005 to 2006.

Fairey AS 5 Firefly, N1-VX-385, 817 Sqn RAN HMAS Sydney 1951.

1/72 Special Hobby, my first Firefly, I modified and replaced a few things, finished in Model Master, Xtracolor X5, enamels with Halo decals, Future and Xtraflat