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Grumman Goose (JRF) Mk III, No.13 Operational Training Squadron, RCAF base, Sea Island, B.C.

This is Czech Models 1/48 limited edition Grumman Goose JRF kit finished as an RCAF Goose Mk III. Grumman Goose 941 was flown by No. 13 Operational Training Squadron based at RCAF Station Sea Island, British Columbia. Prior to military [...]

Grumman G-21 Goose TARYTACzech Model 1/48

Hi! This is my recently finished Grumman Goose from Czech Model in 1/48. As many of this short run kits, has molded and resin parts. Make some deatil work on the interior never to be seen again. Many references and comparison with other [...]

1/48 Lindberg Goose

I can never get enough seaplanes and amphibs ! As old and as crude as this kit is, it still builds up into a fair looking model. Being a lindberg, the price is right, even if the detailing is not. There's no interior to speak of, but [...]