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Special Hobby 1/48 Fiat Br20m Battle of Britain

November 3, 2018 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3.1K

Hello all. This was a labour of love. Alot of work but very enjoyable. This Fiat Br20m was from 5a Squadriglia 43rd Groupo BT 13 Stormo Moelsbroek Airbase Belgium, October 1940. Took part on the night attack on Harwich October 24/25. Hope you like. Thanks for looking.

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  1. That is one seriously good paint job, Paul! The camo pattern is excellent and the aircraft is really well done. I've never seen one before.


  2. Wow, that camouflage is great! Interesting piece of history too.

  3. Really nice work Paul. You should be very pleased!

  4. This is the first Special Hobby BR.20 I get to see done, that alone means something. From the photos I guess you used copious amounts of putty but it was worth it, your Fiat is a beauty, I like it a lot. Congrats

  5. Great lookin' paint work...I like it.

  6. Nice job on a not often see kit!

  7. Yes, complex camo, well handled.

    I see you’ve encountered the Special Hobby decal issue of somewhat transparent inks. It’s hard to anticipate exactly how noticeable the bleed-through of paint shadow might be until the decals are in place.

    My experience with similar schemes is that the areas of white discs for the national markings benefit from a pre-decal coat of white, these areas then having a circular patch of masking tape applied, to be removed after the camo is set, ready for decals, but a brave effort with this difficult kit!

    PS not a criticism, just a technical observation ?

    PPS I used to live about 15 miles from Harwich, and did a lot of work in the area on and off over several years, and in that time met a couple of guys who were there during that raid. They were young teenagers at the time but remembered it well.

    • Thank you. I didn't realise they would be transparent till they were dry. I did wonder at the time. Probably should have painted under as you said. Strange. All my other special hobby kits were fine. Thats amazing meeting those people. Would love to hear what they said. ?

  8. Great work, Paul. Clearly patience and a steady hand are two skills you have in abundance.


  9. great airbrushing work! you nailed the shape of the 'blotches' and love it even more that it is on a kit not often seen in its complete form 🙂 thanks for sharing it - really like it.

  10. Great work - and love the paint job! I don't know if I can achieve that in 1/72, but have several Italian birds that I'd like to do a similar scheme. Lovely!

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