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Review: Humbrol Gen 2 Acrylics | In depth review.

USS Indianapolis (Premium Edition) UPDATED

UPDATE Earlier this month, I posted this article about the USS Indianapolis. I noted that the mid-line blue on the hull was, in retrospect, the wrong colour. It made the ship look more like a fairground attraction than a USN vessel, and [...]

Merkava Mk IV LIC

As this was the last model in my stash, I thought I'd complete the build and dust-off the 'Armor' category for a change of pace. This is Academy's 1/35 kit (13227) of the Israeli Main Battle Tank, the Merkava Mk. IV, in its LIC (Low [...]

Weathering with Humbrol pre-mixed washes and powders

(link) Much has been written about the revival of Airfix under the new ownership of Hornby. Not nearly as publicised, another venerable brand is getting a makeover under the same ownership: Humbrol. Here's a demonstration video for their [...]