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ICM 1/32 Polikarpov I-153 Republic of China AF 1940.

The I-153 was a development of the Biplane I-15 family of the '30's, being a variant featuring retracting landing gear and in later versions an uprated engine. The development of a rapidly outdated biplane type was due to some false [...]

Video: ICM 1:48 I-153 Chaika “Winter Version”

I've always liked the Chaika, and colors and markings of Finnish aircraft of WWII. So put them all together and you've got one snazzy I-153! I've heard that the engineering behind this kit is really good, and I was really impressed by how [...]

ICM 1/48 I-153 Completed

This is ICM's 1/48 scale I-153 that I just completed. Added to the base kit is Eduard etch, and decals for a captured example used by Finland against its former owners. The decals are from SBS Model's D48003 "I-153 Chaika in Finnish [...]

Sturdy Polikarpov biplane fighter- with a trick!

That is my latest build, a I-153 in Kuomintang markings from 1940, made out of the ICM kit in scale 1:32. Quite a pleasure to build, even when not being a rigging expert, as is the case with me. By the way, for the wires I used etched [...]

Video: Polikarpov I-153 Chaika - 1/48 scale ICM model kitaircraft model

1/48 I-153 “Chaika”

This is the brand new ICM kit. What fun this one was! This is probably the most fool-proof biplane I've ever built. The parts are molded very nicely, it fits extremely well, has enough detail to make it look busy, and it looks like a [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 I-153s

The Classic Airframes I-153 came out in around 1996, the last of the kits done for them by Eduard, and one of the first Eduard kits to be done in mainstream injection-molded plastic with better molds. The kit was later released by Eduard [...]