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Sturdy Polikarpov biplane fighter- with a trick!

That is my latest build, a I-153 in Kuomintang markings from 1940, made out of the ICM kit in scale 1:32.
Quite a pleasure to build, even when not being a rigging expert, as is the case with me.
By the way, for the wires I used etched metal from R&B production.
I hope you like this Polikarpov fighter!

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Sturdy Polikarpov biplane fighter- with a trick!

  1. Wow! Love your build! The “trick” was lowering the landing gear to lure enemy fighters into thinking they were attacking the fixed gear I-15, then quickly cranking up the gear to clean up the airframe.

  2. Splendid model Roland! Even if the Kuomintang markings looks good. Just the other day, while looking at a well known online hobby shop catalogue stumble upon this and the I-16 kits from ICM and wondered why we don t see them built more often, they sure look the part looking at yours. Just how big is this model? I’m guessing that being a rather small plane, even in the 1/32 scale shouldn’t be a lot bigger than an averaged size biplane in 1/48… am I wrong?

  3. Well done Roland. Not the most flashy of builds but, you’ve done a excellent job of building this kit with a nice tight paint job and some strong work in the rigging department. I always like the road less traveled and a good build is a good build no matter what. In my book this is strong candidate for “Model of the Month.” Russian aircraft especially bi-planes that fought with the Chinese is often one of those forgotten histories in the West. Its a good subject and reminder.

    Two thumbs up.

  4. Nice work! I built the 1/48 kit a few years ago and look forward to doing the big one. I’ll be using your great example for reference.

  5. Very nice Roland. I have this kit in the stash and you are doing a good job here of getting me thinking about it.

  6. Good work – I like it !!

  7. Thank you all for these refreshing and motivating comments!
    To my surprise, this biplane appears to be large; 32 Centimeters wingspan does make it quite impressive. During the build I was amused, how the appearance changed from an involuntary egg-plane to this pugnacious fighter once completed! 🙂
    Have a look at the pictures of the building process to get an impression of this.

    8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  8. Nice looking Chaika, good work Roland! And using etched rigging is the proper way for I-153, I think, because on a real aircraft it was done with the steel stripes. Congrats!

  9. Thank you Dmitry! I really like these R&B products, makes me keen to have a try on those interesting biplanes of the inter-war era.

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 )
    Really like this build Roland. Very nice construction work and the photography is well done.
    Even in 1/32 scale the Polikarpov is small but yet a very interesting subject, as is the A-4 …
    Well done.

  11. I like your nice subtle weathering on this! A lovely model.

  12. Thank you all guys for these motivating comments!

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