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2024 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show

A surprisingly beautiful day in central Indiana after a week of rain, perfect for IPMS Roscoe Turner who held their annual show yesterday at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana. This is a highlight of the Region 4 model show [...]

2021 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show

Yesterday marked the first IPMS show I was able to attend since the beginning of lockdowns. Ironically the last show I attended was also hosted by the Indianapolis IPMS chapter over thirteen months ago. The club moved the contest site to [...]

2020 IPMS Roscoe Turner Indianapolis Model Show

A selection of photographs from the Indy Show last weekend. Another fine show put on by Roscoe Turner IPMS, one to look forward to. Additional photographs are posted here: (link) Mike and David discuss the show in episode seven of the [...]

On This Day…July 30th, 1945

I can’t let this day pass without paying tribute to the men of the USS Indianapolis who lost their lives on and after the early hours of 30th July, 1945. Even in a war that engulfed the world, there were few events that resonate with [...]

1/350 ACADEMY USS Indianapolis CA-35

This is my first ship build and my second build generally. I went to make a build straight OUB without any PE sets. Colors I used are maybe litlle to dark, but I used colors suggested on the box. Hoping to improve my skills on next builds. [...]