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Video: Sd.Kfz VIII MAUS V.3 - 1/72 - Vespid ModelsTank Model

Pz. VIII Maus

I got this model and built it. It is one of my favorite builds. (link) Check out this link for my YouTube channel to see model unboxing and virtual tours and me playing games.

Look out! There’s the little (das) Maus(e) coming!

FROM THE AUTHOR: I had got this model form brother of mine (Wiktor 16 at that time) which get it from me on Christmas (so this was nice d-tour of the kit). The kit was half-glued. A few mistakes in the suspension was noticed, but in the [...]

The Mouse that roared, Germany's Panzer VIII 'Maus'

This is Dragon's older 1/35th Panzer VIII "Maus" - Germany's 'super' tank from the end of the war. Only a couple were completed, and it was found that they were too big to transport by rail, and no bridge in Europe could support [...]