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Curtiss P-40 N 5 CU – 49th FG. – 7 th FS. – Model MAUVE 1/48

Hi all, Here is a model that I finished about 20 years ago. It is the P-40 N from Mauve at 1/48. It did not please me much anymore because I found it sad on its base so I decided to redo this base. At the same time I made some additions of [...]

1/48 Mauve P-40M/KittyHawk III

Latest off the bench is the old Mauve kit depicted as the mount that Pilot Officer Geoffrey Fisken flew with 14 Squadron on Guadalcanal in 1943. Added a seat plus some Ultracast wheels to spice her up a bit. A combination of Tamiya paints [...]

Mauve 1/48 P-40N-20CU Warhawk

The final development of the P-40 series to see operational service and combat, the P-40N-5 appeared in 1943. Unlike the earlier P-40N-1, it came with the six gun armament. It differed from the earlier sub-type with a different canopy with [...]

Mauve 1/48 P-40N-1

The P-40N was the final P-40 sub-type to see operational service. Appearing in 1943, it was an attempt on the part of Curtiss to lighten the airframe and improve performance. The P-40N-1 was outwardly indistinguishable from the preceding [...]

Eduard 1/48 scale P-40 N

The original Mauve, reboxed by Eduard and released as one of their profi-pak kits. It comes with some very nice resin and PE parts.The resin floor is a problem, however the plastic floor works better and looks just as good. The rest of the [...]

One more time…. the Mauve 48th scale P-40N

The third time is a charm. I could not pass up the opportunity to do a P-40 in a natural metal finish either.

Mauve 1/48 P-40N Kittyhawk IV

This is the Mauve 1/48 P-40N, utilizing a True Details resin cockpit, Squadron (Falcon) vacuform canopy and Red Roo Decals to make the P-40N flown by Wing Commander John Waddy, Australia's leading P-40 (only) ace when commanding 80 Wing at [...]

Mauve 1/48 P-40L Conversion

This is the Mauve P-40M kit with the Aeromaster resin P-40F/L nose and Aeromaster decals to do "Ace of Pearls" of the 99th Fighter Squadron (Tuskeegee Airmen) when the squadron was attached to the 79th Fighter Squadron i in Italy [...]

P-40N flown by Lt. Jack A. Fenimaore, 7th FS, 49th FG

I have no further information on Lt. Fenimore but he must have been a good guy because of the name and painting he put on his aircraft. Again,the kit is from Mauve and I found it to be very good. OOB it is good but if one wanted to go hog [...]

P-40N flown by Lt. Joel B. Paris III, 7th FS, 49th FG

Lt Paris was born in Atlanta, GA in 1922. He entered the USAAF in March of 1942 He completed flight training and was commissioned in February of 1943. He was sent to the SWPA and was assigned to the 7th FS, of the 49th FG. He is credited [...]