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Mauve 1/48 P-40N Kittyhawk IV

This is the P-40N, utilizing a True Details resin cockpit, Squadron (Falcon) vacuform canopy and Red Roo Decals to make the P-40N flown by Wing Commander John Waddy, Australia's leading (only) ace when commanding 80 Wing at Halmahera in 1945. Note that the white wing leading edges and white tail are not masked off - according to Red Roo's research (borne out if you check photos carefully), they were applied "freehand."

I had the opportunity of meeting John Waddy at the 1984 AFAA convention (when they were all still alive and all capable of drinking me under the table, which they did). He was "quite a character" and you would never mistake him for other than an Aussie. Some have claimed over the years that the Aussie P-40s were repainted in RAAF Foliage Green and light blue. When I asked him about that, his comment was "Bollocks! We had a war to fight and no time for such foolishness!"

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  1. Never heard of a manufacturer named "Mauve"...they still in business? Nice photos.

  2. Who's the most prolific modeler on the planet? Tom Cleaver, of course.
    More good work, Tom
    You've been a wonderful mentor for me since the mid-90's when I retired and got back into this great sport we all appreciate so much. Thanks for the good guidance over many years in your build articles.


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