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Minicraft 1/144th Boeing 314A “Dixie Clipper”

This Minicraft kit has been around forever, under several brand names, (Airfix, etc.) It is a very simple kit, aout 73 parts, with little filling, and pretty good fit considering it’s age. I have two. I had come across this picture from Life magazine, of the Clipper in WWII camo, and decided to see if I could pull it off. At the time I started, I didn’t know there was a specific kit for this version, albeit, it’s turns out to be one of three kits in a “presidential package”. I was fortunate enough to come across the decal sheet for this version, and was able to pirate the I.D. numbers as well as a few other markings. The “camo” decals just looked too neat to me, so I didn’t use or need them.

Upon reading the history of this particular aircraft, I found it was used to fly FDR to a meeting with Churchill in Jan. ’43, equipped as a “communication center”, covering over 11,000 miles over U-boat infested waters. Although in “USN” markings, it had a Pan Am crew. It was probably the first aircraft used in the manner of “Air Force One”.

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19 responses to Minicraft 1/144th Boeing 314A “Dixie Clipper”

  1. Joe, very evocative photo. The model itself is so neat it looks like a die-cast model, at a glance.

  2. Very effective paint work you replicated….how’d ya do it? And 73 parts sounds like a lot for a 1/144th scale – must be a pretty good sized model. By the way, your ‘photo booth’ looks a lot like what I use. 😉

    • The paint job was a combination of brush painting (acrylics), and airbrushing (enamels). I must have given it 4-5 coats to get it where I wanted it, but painting was more fun than building it.. The wing span is around 12 in., length, 9 1/2 in. (would love to see it in 1/72) If memory serves, you were my inspiration on the “photo booth”. Thanks.

  3. Lovely work Joe.
    A fine build with a little history thrown in yoo.

  4. Flying boats…..Sadly far too few flying these days. I wish Kermit Weeks would get his Sunderland back in the air!

  5. Nice work, as usual, Joe, as you say, who doesn’t love flying boats.

  6. I built this many moons ago, I think it was by Airfix. Nice clean build. By the way, I receive a copy of your club’s monthly newsletter and follow your model building “exploits”. Looks like a very active club….

  7. It’s just too cool! 🙂

  8. Very nice model, I would imagine this is the old Airfix tooling.

  9. Nice! I really like your paint/finish work on this.

  10. beautiful clipper joe!

  11. Joe,
    I love it. What a great looking model of a very famous airplane. You did a great job replicating the color scheme and the overall model is outstanding.

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