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First Attempt at a NMF and First P-51 (WIP)

Hey everyone. If you've read my "Why I Hate Building Airplanes" post (below), you know I have a love hate relationship with modeling aircraft. However, in an attempt to keep my challenge going after the FW190 and Corsair, I [...]

'How To' TutorialChipping 101

Join me and Jack(ie) T. Ripper as we show you how to get nice, shiny, natural metal chipping on your model using chipping fluid. Might contain several bad jokes and internet culture tropes. (link)

Revell 1/48 F-89D Scorpion

Just completed my F-89D, one of my favorite planes. This particular plane ended up in the drink after having an engine fail on takeoff. The pilot brought it back around and landed hot and heavy and was unable to get it stopped and overran [...]

F-89D Scorpion in the paint shop!

I've had this D sitting on the shelf ready for paint for a while waiting to finish my C version. Just got the urge to get it done. I took photos of the steps I use when doing a natural metal bird. This kit lends itself well to metalizer [...]