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The Aftermarket Trap: Italieri Reggiane 2002.

The Italieri 1/48th scale Reggiane Re.2002 kit is "fine." It's a "fine" kit that goes together with no fit issues and you can slap paint on it and be happy with it. But "fine" stops at being a model kit that [...]

Little known, but impressive: Reggiane R.2005 Sagittario

As efficient and highly advanced as the Italian aviation industry of the 1930s appeared to be, it was not possible to produce powerful in-line engines. When the war broke out, at the latest, the industry had to admit that it had lost [...]

Reggiane RE 2000 / J.20

Classic Airframes 1/48 kit. There's quite a few changes to make this model more accurate, the cockpit opening shape, the forward fuselage panel lines and the flaps are some of these. If one wants to do these improvements, pick up a copy of [...]