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Pilatus PC 21, 1/32 Scale Scratch Build, Part 11

May 7, 2018 · in Aviation · · 29 · 2.6K

Well I have been a little busy for the last few weeks, and I have not had any time to really sit down and get going again with the build, to be perfectly honest, I have also had a severe lack of motivation.

I have finished scratch building the air brake, undercarriage and wheel wells, so I decided to start the painting. This is going to be a PC 21 for the French Airforce, number 01.

The paint work needs a little work, with a touch up here and there, but overall I am very happy with how it came out.

I will be vac forming the canopy next and start with installing all the bits and pieces, oh, I almost forgot, I also have to start building all the control surfaces as well.

Quite a bit of work still to do, but I am getting there slowly but surely.



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  1. For my money, a model of the month before she's even finished, Marc. We've all been there at some (several) point with the motivation issue. But with skills like these...hell, I'd watch a post of the paint drying on this baby.

  2. Ha ha ha, Indeed, I wish I felt the same. Its tough when you start paging through model magazines to get some inspiration. Thanks for the comment, inspiration.

  3. That's a fantastic paint finish Marc. The devil's always in the detail. Your patience with the ongoing posts is a fantastic reference tool for my pedestrian efforts on my brother's Nibbio. Getting there eventually with any luck though possessing your skills would help a whole bunch. Keep the faith. Paul

    • Hey Paul, send some pics of the progress, I am always here if you need some help.

      • Marc - The plan you found has been very helpful as an outline but the sort of plans I've seen in the background of your posts would help me avoid the scale problems when compared with the pics I have of the actual a/c. The result is slow and probably clumsy progress a far cry from what look very organised bouts of creativity that your posts show. I've therefore not kept a WIP series of pics but will put together some pics to show the state of play right now. I'll get back to you on this. Cheers again for all the help. Paul

        • Just keep at it, and don't be intimidated to try something new, remember, you can always try again, its not like a kit part that could be destroyed, just make another one and learn as you go along. I never build anything without my trusty vernier.

  4. Absolutely fab thread of a sleek scratch built plane! Congrats!

  5. Marc, the paint job is just sweet. Well I guess all the build is... fantastic scratch work!

  6. Marc that is another scratch built WINNER without a doubt. Awesome job!

  7. George's HO-229 and your Pilatus PC-21 in the SAME MONTH...? In the words of Jose Jiminez "...Oh, I HOPE not...".

  8. I don't think I will make it by the month end. George built a absolute winner. Thanks for your comment.

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    said on May 7, 2018

    Looking great Marc. These aircraft are mean looking and this is a going to be a real head turner.

  10. Marc, another masterpiece!

  11. Brilliant does not quite cover it. Well done so far Boet.

  12. It's gonna be stunning!

  13. Amazing work. Really looking forward to seeing this when done. David's right.

  14. Usually am, Tom. Usually am.

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