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More progress on the Atlantis/Revell Turbo Prop

So far a fun build..except....for all the darned lines and hoses!!! The attachment points are non existent and the instructions vague. I think I got them where they go.....of course one fell off last night and I have no clue where it came from[...]

IModeler at the Movies – “Das Boot”.

This is the 1/72 Revell German Type VIIc kit finished as U-96, the inspiration for the movie. I built it pretty much out of the box with the exception of the swordfish decal which came from a German producer named Peddinghaus. They offer an ex[...]

Revell Chevy stake truck 1/40?

This thing has got to be the oldest model that I have. As I recall my uncle gave me this to me, along with an Aurora F9F cougar and what was I think a Hawk weirdo's kit with a guy on an engine powered surf board. He helped ,along with my Dad t[...]

My Other Ocean Water Model.

This is my first water base diorama model which is a 1/144th scale "Martin PBM-5 Mariner" made by Revell about 15 years ago. I should have posted this model first, then post the "Kingfisher." The model was built o.o.b. with regular glueing, san[...]

A “water-base” diorama

The "box-art" shows Revell's 1/48 scale "OS2U Kingfisher" scout type seaplane setting in the ocean. Since I had built a diorama water-base before I though that I would do it again. I used some wood and 3/8" styrofoam and made a 12" square bas[...]

F-102A USAF 54-1399 short tail. A Revell ancient one.

This depicts an early F-102A as delivered to one of the first operational squadrons to receive them, the 327th FIS. It had the original shorter tail fin, and unmodified intake ramps and speed brakes. I added a pitot tube to the nose added a gene[...]

Nakajima KI-44 II KO Shoki “Demon Killer” WWII Japanese military fighter aircraft, 1/48 ARII kit.

ARII kit + FM Details Set (the full cockpit is made of resin + photo etched parts). Not an easy build but happy with the final result. Made a wooden base with an illustration of the denomination "Shoki the Demon Killer" Zong Kui from the Middle Ages.

Revell AG Hunter

Another one of my older projects to archive, here’s my 1/72 Revell AG Hawker Hunter Mk. 58. I think I made this one between 2008 and 2010. I do remember the outer wing leading edge extensions were molded with the upper wing half and needed a l[...]

Engine engine…

Continuing on with the Atlantis/Revell Allison Turbo Prop, aka T56 engine. Here is the compressor section just about wrapped up. Still have the door assembly to do.

“Wings of the Emperor”…or “The Empire of Japan” another thought for an upcoming Group Build

In addition to the "Korea the Forgotten War" group build that will last during the exact time frame as the war did, (only 70 years later), here's another one I was thinking about. This Group Build would be called "Wings of the Emperor", or "The[...]