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Review: Eduard 1/48 A6M2-N "Rufe"

Following delays in the design and development of the Kawanishi N1K1 floatplane fighter, Nakajima designed and produced the A6M2-N (Navy Type 2 Interceptor/Fighter-Bomber) as a single-seat floatplane based on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero Model [...]

Nakajima Rufe

Ciao ragazzi, this is my Nakajima Rufe already presented into the group “Pacific theater”. The kit is the old Tamiya 1/48 scale very simple but was very joyful. Stay safe Paolo

1/48 Tamiya A6M2-N "Rufe"36th Air Wing, Borneo

This is Tamiya's aging 1/48 "Rufe",(released in 1973!) Its a nice, simple build out of the box, and with a little help, can look quite presentable. I tweaked it with lots of weight in the front of the float, added Eduard's [...]

1/48 Tamiya A6M2-N Rufe

The Tamiya 1/48 Rufe straight out of the box except for the sewing needle pitot. Painted with Tamiya rattle cans, weathered with chalks and pastels. I flat coated the cowl with a household brand clear-flat spray and that's how it turned [...]

Aquatic Guns in the Sky...1/48 Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 "Rufe", Imperial Japanese Navy

My dad´s latest completion and final? addition to the Empire of Japan GB. Hasegawa kit, painted with AK Real Color IJN Amber Grey and IJN Green Black, EZ Line for antenna and Eduard seatbelts. Build thread here (link) Aircraft of Takuma [...]

Empire of Japan. Rufe.

I finally finished my first model in 30 years! Getting back into building now that I will have a lot more time. Unfortunately my part time job turned into a full time job since summer, so it took me quite a while to finish this. Tamiya [...]

A6M2N Rufe, 1/72 Revell,Lodela{Frog]

Another obscure kit from the cheap seats. I found this in a hobby shop which sells older kits. Lodela's/Revell 1/72 Nakajima Rufe, the kit date backs to the late seventies and it's supposed to be Frog molds. A very basic kit, more basic [...]

1/48 Hasegawa Nakajima built A6M2-N “Rufe” Type 2 float plane

It's been a little while since I have posted any of my builds here. I've been really busy with moderating the Midway Group build, while trying to get a few more planes built before the 75th Anniversary of Midway in June. Here's a little [...]

Nakajima A6M2N "Rufe", Tamiya 1/48 scale

This model starts with a website I had a long time ago that was started as a place to store all the photos I had taken during my barnstorming airplane mechanic days. An email arrived one day from a gentleman in Japan named Kenichi Kimoto, [...]