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…and the Chieftain Mk 3 progresses…

April 2, 2021 · in Armor · · 7 · 2.1K
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Here's the latest update on the I started some time ago. Checking the underside, I always paint on the date the basic build (before painting) was completed, I found that this was done sometime back in '99! I guess I've dragged my feet over this one a tad...

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7 responses

  1. Love all the quality work you've put there, Ian!

  2. Better late than never, Ian!

    Nice work on this.

  3. Ian, @ianfoulk96 I like this version and if you remember, we discussed this back on your post about the "Stillbrew" version. (I haven't researched this and I STILL don't know what "Stillbrew" refers to! LoL!)
    By the way, it's too bad you can't get a 1/35th scale Barbie, so she could make an appearance. She finally left Ken for good after posing on the gun of the real Chieftain you showed!

    • Sorry I've left it so late Jeff. Stillbrew was an up-armouring kit mounted on the frontal arc of the Chieftain turret. It was designed to counteract the upgrade of Russian anti-tank munitions but also some of their atgw's. It was designed by a Colonel Still working in conjunction with an engineer from the MVEE (Military Vehicle and Engineering Establishment) called John Brewer, hence Stillbrew. It was a composite armour (NOT Chobham) consisting of steel plates backed by layers of rubber. I'll see what I can do about a Barbie. Apparently Ken "came out" and joined the Navy...

  4. Impressive tank. Nice work.

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