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Grumman C-1A Trader 1/72

September 27, 2016 · in Aviation · · 14 · 3.6K

This is 's converted to a C-1A Trader COD[ carrier onboard delivery]. I left out all the sonar gear, plugged sonar buoy holes in the back of the nacelles and kit bashed the decals, making it of course the one assigned to the USS Saratoga back in the seventies. I actually made one of two fixed wing carrier landings as a passenger in this one. As I remember the seats faced the aft of the aircraft. before the flight the aircrew issued you a pair of ear protectors and a waist mounted inflatable life vest.. just in case.

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  1. Nice job, Robert...I like it.

  2. Another fine addition to the collection! Well done.

  3. Great looking aircraft well done


  4. Not so well-known airplane, but really worth to build as a model. I like these kind of workhorses even without weapons. This one looks almost bizarre from the side ...
    I'm happy you presented this model. The camo is nice pre-stealth grey/white.

  5. My good friend Frank flew C-1's on COD missions from Subic Bay to the the fleet carriers on Yankee Station during Vietnam in 1968 and -69. He said flying in bombs and ammo didn't bother him too much, but taking coffins from the ships once in a while never got routine. He flew the S-2F on anti-submarine patrols for a while after his tour, and ended up flying 31 years for TWA as an MD-80 captain.

    Good to see a seldom modeled aircraft, Robert!

  6. Bob, nice to see a COD built. Support aircraft don't get no love, usually. Dpn't see too many Stoofs built, either. Great idea, great build.

  7. Yes, nicely done Robert, why is that prop' spinning ?

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work on that work horse Robert, and the spinning prop is one big plus, it shows no sign of jittering.

  9. Hello Robert,
    Nice conversion on this very reliable Grumman. I saw one in the late nineties in Kissimmee Florida. It belonged to a (Rich)business man.
    It even had a small bar in it. Did your Grumman had this also build in.

  10. Looking over your projects it seems that we've walked the same decks and flight lines. It seems that the Sara is common ground. I remember that COD, it was the only bird on the ship that V4 didn't fuel since by the time I reported the AVGAS system had been removed. One of the guys in V4 was on the COD's aircrew, ABF2 Arnold, if I remember correctly, we called him Ziffle as in the pig on Green Acres. Seeing all these posts make me miss that bird and the flight deck she flew off of.

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