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1/72 MPC Eagle 4 with Lab Pod and Spinal Booster

INTRODUCTION “Now we're sitting on the biggest bomb man's ever made.” -Commander John Koenig A line which summarizes the late Gerry Anderson's mid 1970s science fiction TV series, Space 1999. I profess that awful and/or cheesy British [...]

MPC 1/72 Space 1999 Eagle Transport

This is my build of one of my favourite spacecraft. It looks like it is meant to be hauling junk around a lunar base all day long, a utilitarian design unlike some sci-fi craft. I did the cargo pod up as a rescue version as it adds [...]

1/72 MPC Mark IX Hawk from Space 1999

INTRODUCTION Gerry Anderson along with his ex-wife, Sylvia Anderson, made names for themselves with such great kid SF TV shows such as the the Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett and Fireball XL-7. They were noted for their strong use of [...]

Space 1999 1/24 Moon Buggy

Another relatively quick build. This one from last year. This is the MPC 1/24 Moon Buggy which is an extra from the 1/48 Space 1999 Nuclear Waste Diorama which I might build later when I get another display cabinet. Any way, this one [...]

Eagle 4 From Space 1999

I profess that awful and/or cheesy British science fiction occupies a special place in my heart, top among them Space 1999. It is a very guilty and stupid pleasure, long considered one of the worst SF TV shows of all time because of its [...]