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Kinetic 1/48 Su 33 Flanker D

A big and complex kit. It has detailed panel line engravings and good fit of parts. There is one small snag to take this kit off the list of Kinetic's finest. Instructions are the most suggestive and misleading I ever came across. It is [...]

1/72 Zvezda Su33d

After some time, and after some unpublished projects I decided to put something online. So, this is the Zvezda’s Su33d in 1/72nd scale. This is the rebox of their Su27. In fact Su33 is naval version of Su27 so main parts are the same. I [...]

Review: Minibase 1/48 SU-33 Flanker D review

Russian naval 10-ton tow tractor 1/48

Not exactly an airplane, but airplane related. I usually build airplanes and I started building Su-33 and planned to make some sort of diorama with it. But the problem was, I couldn't find any appropriate vehicle to place it next to it. [...]

MiG-21SM 'Fishbed-J'; Azerbaijani Air Force; Eduard 1:72

There’s hardly anything more to be said about the MiG-21. And the same goes for the excellent line of Eduard kits in 1:72. So let’s talk a little bit about the Azerbaijani MiG-21s. I have found about this, rather obscure subject, when [...]

1/48 Kinetic Su-33

Well, after 5 months of working on this thing, I finally finished it. This is really a great kit.. The instructions are terrible, but it was still a pleasure to build. I used Mr Paint paints for everything except for the engine covers and [...]

Sukhoi T-50 pak fa

This is the Hobbyboss 1/72 kit of the Russian prototype fifth generation fighter set to go into service in 2017. The kit has some nice little touches such as a photo etch cockpit and pitot tube but was quite difficult to put together in [...]

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