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Laird's "Solution" Thompson Trophy Racer

Three weeks before the 1930 Thompson Trophy race, held in Chicago, Lee Shoenhair of the Goodrich Co. placed an order with the E.M. Laird Airplane company for a racer based on their Speedwing designs of commercial aircraft and featuring the [...]

Howard DGA-6 build Completed

After deciding on a building strategy, a test fit of the fuselage halves and wing gave me some idea of how to install the frame members that can be seen through the windshield. Those parts were also were cleared of flash and the raised [...]

Howard DGA-6 build progress 1st phase

I created a group build for this kit too. The Kit According to Scalemates, this kit began life in 1949 under the Hawk label. The last boxing was in 1993 and I suspect, being that I bought the kit still in the wrapping and the parts were [...]

Howard DGA-6

Edited from Wikipedia The Howard DGA-6 (Darn Good Airplane) was a pioneer racing plane, nicknamed "Mister Mulligan". It was the only airplane ever designed for the specific purpose of winning the Bendix Trophy. The plane was [...]