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German leFH 18/40 field howitzer

I made this gun earlier in the year.Its 15.5 inches long.I Copied it from pictures.

F/A-18 Hornet

Scratch built F18 Hornet.1/36 scale,copied from a 1/72 kit times 2 Made of pine.

Type 22 frigate

Scratch built type 22 frigate HMS Cumberland. I built four of these one fo the ships company,one for the commander,one for the first officer and one for me. Copied from pictures and 22 inches long.99% pine the 1% is brass rod.

Twin 40 mm Bofors

Scratch built 40 mm Bofors.Made from pine and ply with some dowling.

Challenger 1 First Gulf War.

Scratch built from pine and ply.The top part of the hull is made up of separate plates and sanded down to get the correct shape.The tracks are made from rubber matting you find in offices and factories.Took four weeks to make and is 1/18 [...]

Japanese T74 MBT

Scratch built Japanese T74 tank made from pine and ply.Copied from a Tamiya 1/35 kit one and a half times bigger.Scale?

Lewis machine gun.

Scratch built Lewis machine gun,16 inches long,made of pine.Copied from pictures.

Made from trees.

This is my first scratch built model from wood a Lightning Mk6.1/36 scale.

“Old Ironsides” The US Navy’s Oldest Commissioned Ship!

Hey All, To keep with my "building the ships I’ve visit", I’m presenting my “Old Ironsides”, Mamoli, 1:93 scale, USS Constitution, cross section kit. Constructed and rigged mostly per the plans but I did add furled [...]

“LITHUANICA” made from plywood, scale 1/24

For your evaluation guys…. Best regards