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This is my newest model. LEM lunar lander. Built from scratch. Wood. Mainly pine.

MkIV MALE 1917

This is the MkIV Male. The mark four had definitely significant improvements from the Mark one. Some of the main improvements were the improved armour and the re sitting of the fuel tank. A total of over 1200 mark four tanks were built [...]

Saint Chamond French WWI Tank 1918

Newest piece for the museum. SAINT CHAMOND was the second French tank to enter the First World War. 400 manufactured between April 1917 to 1918. More of a heavy armoured vehicle, it fitted the description of early tank development. Its [...]

Mobile Vacis 2002 International 4300

This is a US Border Patrol scan truck built to scan contents off of transport trucks from ship or on US-Canada, US-Mexico borders. Built from scratch. This is a non military contract which are more rare because 95% are military contracts.


This is one of my latest projects. This is actually the third LG-1 Canadian army Howitzer. As always all built from scratch just looking at pictures. Planning on finishing this one, within the next few days. I’m still a work in progress.

18TH Century Long Boat

Happy 2023 All, I've been itching to do another wood boat kit but I did not want to get into a long term project so I went with this Model Shipway's 18th Century Long Boat. This was a nice change of pace and fun to build and I'm pleased [...]

M109A1 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer

This is my newest model. The M109A1 SP gun. The M109 is America’s most prominent legacy self propelled gun since the 1960s, following the M110 203mm self propelled gun in 203mm. The M109 has been a standard SP Howitzer in many NATO [...]


This is the Leopard C2 of the Canadian Army. These have been the work horse of the Canadian Army through the 1970's, and 1980's. The C2 has a 105mm Rifled Main Gun, & Equipped with a 830hp Engine. These Tanks were retired from active [...]

LAV III Built from Scratch

This is one of the LAV III models I built from scratch a while ago. Built from pine. Suspension up. This is the standard original version, next versions to come out were the LAV LORIT, With upgraded storage for operations in Afghanistan. [...]

C-3 105mm Royal Canadian Artillery Howitzer Built from Scratch

This is the C-3, upgraded C-1 with longer barrel for longer range. This Howitzer is for close support, it is mobile for quick reaction movement for supporting front line units with fire with extended range munitions up to 18km. This Model [...]