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US desert training vehicle

This is a scratch built 1970s M35 Deuce US desert training truck. I copied the dimensions from an Academy M35 cargo truck but changed the wheels.The kit is a 1/72 scale so I made it four times bigger = 1/18 scale.Made from pine and ply.

25 pounder field gun.

Scratch built 25 pounder field gun. Copied from a 1/76 kit times 5. 1/15 scale. Made from pine and ply.

Bristol Bloodhound

Scratch built Bristol Bloodhound missile. Stands 11 inches high. Made from pine. Copied from pictures. Not sure of the scale.

Scammell SV/2S Recovery Truck

Scratch built Scammell recovery truck. Copied from an Airfix tank transporter,but converted it to a recovery truck. 1/18 scale made from pine and ply. 10.5 inches long.

Scratch built German AA gun

Scratch built German Flak 36 88mm AA/AT gun. Copied from a 1/72 kit made four times bigger = 1/18 scale. Made from pine and ply.

Chieftain tank

Scratch built Chieftain tank. Made from pine and ply. 1/18 scale.

Up Periscope

I'd like to share with you, some thing that I forgot about, a wooden model of a submarine that my Dad made for me in the before time[around 1965] I think he got the idea from a cover of the book 'Up Periscope!' Some thing I just could not part[...]

Vickers machine gun

Scratch built Vickers machine gun,copied from pictures.Not sure of the scale. Made from pine.

British sniper rifle

Scratch built British L115A3 sniper rifle.Made from pine, 320mm long.

Soviet T34/85 tank.

Scratch built T 34/85 Soviet tank. I copied the dimensions from a 1/72 kit times 4 making it a 1/18 scale model. Made from pine and ply.