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Pilot with Trophy 1917

Steve Warilow sculpt [ 'The Fusilier', no longer operating] Oils

Argyl and Sutherland NCO 1917

75mm F.E.R Miniatures Oils


90mm resin figure Sculpted by Mike Good Painted in oils

Albatros D.11 1:48

Ltn. Wilhelm Leusch, Jasta 19, 1917. Eduard 1:48 [ Weekend] Uschi woodgrain Tamiya paints.

Vzfw.Josef Kister’s Albatros D.Va – Jasta 1

Well, another of my 'Wingnut Wings' kits leaves the 'stash' and sees the light of day... several still to come, and not to mention the backlog of WW2 Luftwaffe kits! This is supposed to be a D.Va, but the kit it comes from - the 'Richthofen'-sp[...]

Eduard 1/48 Siemens-Schuckert-Werke D.III Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte

After a long pause my father finally build a new WW1 model. This is Eduard´s latest boxing of the Schuckert D.III, used EZ Line for the rigging and for the first time some Gaspatch PE turnbuckles. All the large lozenge decals were a PITA to appl[...]

Storming the lines

This is the 1/35 Takom Mark IV Male WW1 Heavy Battle Tank depicted stuck in a trench system while the battle continues around it. The figures are Masterbox and ICM. I think the ICM figures are a brand to watch as they have interesting subjects a[...]

My little tribute for the Great War 100 anniversary

Hey folks, its been a long time since I posted anything here! My one and only amour project built as a commission for a friend. This is the 1:35 Emhar MkIV Male kit with new resin track, guns and scratch built rails, un-ditching beam and base. I[...]

Albatros B.II 1/32

Some times ago I've published some images about interiors:

Whippet Mk.A tank

Finally, I was able to finish this Meng tank, a straightforward build, MrPaint paint, Ammo/Mig various pigments and washes. Happy to see it amongst other tanks in the Alba Iulia Contest "Carolina Cup" 2018.