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World War I

WNW Ships Camel 2F.1 N6602 HMS. Furious

1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II, printing ink and Vallejo paints Model Kasten rigging Gaspatch 1:48 turnbuckles Duro pitot wires Prop : Oils over acrylic

1/32 scale WnW AEG G.IV (late)

Hi... with some time on my hands this evening, I've finally got around to posting these images of my AEG G.IV. This kit was completed before the start of the 'Imperial German...' group build, so couldn't be included. No matter, this was [...]

WNW Sopwith Camel F1471 "12" 185th Aero Sqn USAS

1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II, printers inks and oils AIMS aerowires Prop : oils over acrylic This livery was applied just Armistice ~ Feb 1919 I made a previous version of this kit that was ruined by incredibly fragile decals, most shattering [...]

Fokker D.VII 286/18, Willi Gabriel

Fokker D.VII 286/18, Willi Gabriel Jasta 11, June 1918 (11 victories) Wnw 32011 1:32 Tamiya, Alclad II and Printers inks MRP varnishes Aviattic lozenge on wings...with WNW mix for varnish to reduce their value ( shame!) Gaspatch 1:48 [...]

Roland DVIa

I built this 1/32 WNW Roland DVIa few years ago. The idea was to do a diorama with pilots, mechanics and other things. I started building the cart but then I started a new project and... Looking at the model now, I think there are still [...]

Fokker EV 1/32

Micro Mir, Aviattic and Pheon decals, Gaspatch Spandau, Tamiya, and me...

PFALZ D.XII 1394/18. Jasta 77b 1918

Wnw 1:32 AVIATTIC decals Tamiya, Alcad II and printers ink paints MRP varnishes Gaspatch turnbuckles Model Kasten rigging Brass/lead wire for breather tube and radiator pipes under blast rails Prop ...oils over acrylic

Albatros D.Va, Josef Mai Jasta 5, April-May 1918

Albatros D.Va, Josef Mai Jasta 5, April-May 1918 Wnw 1:32 Tamiya, AlcadII and MRP paints with oils for wood effect. Proper Plane Neindorf propeller and raised profile spinner. Aviattic wing lozenge. Additional plumbing on engine with brass [...]

Meet the Rickenbackers!

Dolman Miniatures 1:10 resin Oils Alternative heads

Deutsche Flugzeug-Werke DFW C.V Aviatik 5920/16 “Red 6” 1917

Wnw 1:32 OOB plus... Gaspatch turnbuckles Model Kasten rigging Tamiya, Alclad II, oil paints