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My Three Builds for 2022

Well 2022 was not a record year for me, I didn't even manage to build my usual four kits, but only managed to pump out three. I would like to build more, but I am not too disappointed with my production really since two of the three were [...]

ICM's 1/48th He-111Z1 Twin Bomber, Glider Tow

This has been quite the adventure, and first off I want to thank my good friend Ed for getting this kit for me. I would have to say that overall I thoroughly enjoyed this kit. This is basically two complete airplane kits in two boxes [...]

Revell/MPM 1/72 Junkers Ju 290Z Zwilling w/He-178P

Hauptman Steinhoorn was a true envisionist (some called him mad): upon seeing the first Ju 290s developed from the civil Ju 90 versions, he put pressure on everybody to adopt Junkers concept of joining two 290s with a common central wing, [...]

Monogram He-111 in 1/48th

I build a lot of Luftwaffe aircraft and the He -111 was a mainstay of the German bomber arsenal prior to and through out the war. I really like its lines, and while not as grand as the Condor, or as versatile the Ju-88 it proved to be a [...]

1/48 Classic Resin Airframes/Hasegawa Bf-109Z “Zwilling”

Back before there was Classic Airframes, there was Classic Resin Airframes, a series of resin conversion sets released by Jules Bringuer in the 1990s. I found the kit for the Zwilling conversion at the LHS back in 1995. By the time I [...]