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Monogram B-25J “Solid Jackson”

December 15, 2012 · in Aviation · · 11 · 4.3K

This model is one of my favorite kits. Their has a typical Monogram fit of being a little loose in the fit dept and is not up to days standards of CAD designed engineered models. However, with some modeling skill,filler and strips of plastic for shimming wings, add some resin wheels,white metal landing gear and some "Bomb Shell" decals, along with the use of Masks for all the Nose and Cockpit glazing a guy can capture a reasonable portrait of another North American classic.

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  1. Good work on the OD/gray paint, Stephen...and thank goodness for canopy mask sets (especially for a/c with 'greenhouses').

  2. The Eduard Masks are life savers. I bought a Monogram He-111 with the Eduard Mask... other wise no deal.

  3. I still think the Monogram B-25 is an excellent kit, especially if one chose to re-scribe the panel lines. I know the kit doesn't fall together but its an easier build than the B-26. Thanks for posting.

    • You really don't need to rescribe the panel lines, David. We have a whole lot of B-25s out at Chino (Aero Trader is the #1 B-25 restoration shop in the country) and the airplane is covered with lapped panels, not to mention raised rivets. So in fact, the raised panel detail in the end looks far closer to the real thing than all the modern "engraved detail." The same is true for the B-17, B-24 and C-47. And from the one B-26 Invader I have ever seen (the one the Weeks Museum has now in Florida) the same is true with that airplane.

      • Old Fumble Fingers B-26 Marauder (memo to self: need more coffee). Although the Invader also has lapped panels and flush riveting only on the wing forward of the main spar.

  4. Having seen Steve's model in person, it is really an excellent model that does indeed demonstrate that these classic Monogram kits are still well worthwhile.

  5. Now you've done it...After seeing your excellent B-25, I'm going to have to break one out of the stash and build it. I love seeing these old Monogram classics...nothing better, IMHO, of course.

  6. Beautifully done Steve! Another kit that's lurking in my, I've got to get my butt in gear and try that bird. You've made it look great!

  7. Nice job Stephen I really do love this kit. I recently finished an H model of the Monogram kit. I had bought the kit back when it was released and never gotten around to building it. I converted it to a navy version. Your description of the kit is pretty much dead on. The fit is good but not perfect and not always exact, and it does lack some the finesse that CAD offers, but I think Monogram still has some of the best interiors out of the box in 1/48th scale. Your kit looks great, nice variation in the OD and I like the nose art.

  8. Great job, Stephen!

  9. I missed Your great B-25. Impressive build!

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