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Lockheed P-3B Orion, 11 Squadron RAAF

May 12, 2018 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.9K

This is another I finished, in fact, this was completed before the AP-3C. Converted from the P-3C kit to a P-3B using the Hamilton Hobbies conversion set. I also used the Hamilton Hobbies Weapons bay. Decals are again from DekLs for A9-300 which was written off in a maintenance incident in early 1984 (oxygen fire in the cockpit).

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  1. Another good looking P3 Ray, I've done this as the one before A9-299 !

  2. Another nice piece of modeling, the looks of it!

  3. Love to see this Hasegawa P-3 kit built up. One of my favorites from years ago. I built her some years ago, still sitting in my basement on some shelve collecting a lot of dust and debris and I always wanted to do another one, but a lot better, sort of like yours. I have always been holding out for a new model of this famed popular aircraft. Surprised a company has not produced it b/c this plane has been in active service with so many countries for so so many years. Dont need another Bf-109, P-51, or F-18. We need a nice new P-3.

    Anyhow you did a fabulous job on her. Did you perform any other modifications to the basic air-frame other then bomb-bay conversion. Did you re scribe at all? Just wondering the work ahead of me if I attempt another build in the near future.

    • Paul, Thanks for the words and recollections. I currently have 4 P-3s now complete, another awaiting decals and a final one in final assembly stages. I would love to see a new tool P-3, though I need to get through the other 4 or five in stash 🙂

      The work I did on this one involved rearranging the antenna layout for a 'B' model including adding the HF wire antennas from Eziline. The 'B' conversion set included the searchlight and a replacement sonobuoy ejector fairing. The B only had one manually operated chute. The weapons bay was a resin drop in piece. I also feathered the No2 prop by carefully twisting the blades and then hitting the twisted area with Tamiya thin cement. I did not rescribe this one (my Argentine P-3B that is in work was rescribed and I don't want to go through that again!), I tried to restore the detail lost from sanding.

      Since most of the panels on the P-3 are lap joins, rescribing and opening up the panel gaps is not true to the prototype, that is my excuse anyway

  4. Nice looking P-3 Ray. You did a great job on it. I was stationed at a P-3 base back in the mid 70's. I need to build one of these. How is the kit?

    • Thanks Gary, having built a few of these now I am aware of its vices. It stands up quite well for a kit that was tooled back in 1979. The kit has had some slight re-tools to bring it up to more current standards. Big fit issues are the engine nacelles and their fit onto the wing mount. I also reinforce the rear wing to fuselage joint and the upper fuselage seam. Later issues of the kit have a bit of flash on the parts which is easy to clean up.

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    said on May 12, 2018

    Good looking build.

  6. Nice pair of P-3's Ray, like Paul said I have also built one of these in a USN tac scheme something I started and sat for awhile before finally completed it a couple of years ago. The motivating factor that finally someone made some AM decals for several update III P-3's. Still the old Hase kit is the one and only in this scale. You did a great job on both models. Really nice to see these 2 built up. The extra updates really enhanced the basic outdated kit. I share the same feeling Paul mentioned with a new mold kit may appear someday. Still one more in the stash. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Chuck,

      I have built a VX-30 NP-3D and still want to do a VX-8 RP-3D and at least one 'normal' USN P-3.

      • Wow Ray that is so cool. Scratchbuilt or is there a conversion for this? There was one of these at NAS Pt Mugu but in the older white/grey scheme which. This squadron flew and tested several types of aircraft at Pt Mugu.

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

        • Hasegawa released this as a kit with the resin billboard antenna, this kit comes in the grey/ white scheme. I used a 1/48 Hornet VX-30 sheet for the tail markings and kit decals for the rest to do the overall grey scheme. I added a few extra antennas as well as I recall.

  7. Ray, Very nice looking P3.
    A very nice looking airplane, deserves to be a nice looking model, as we have here. Well done !

  8. Captures the look beautifully Ray. I've always loved these aircraft & you've more than done it justice!

  9. Really well done, Ray. That looks great.

  10. Nice pair of P-3's!

  11. Hello Ray,

    My compliments regarding these two P-3 LRMPA. They look really sophisticated. The Orion is getting to the end of their expected service time. At least in the USA and Australia.

    The Dutch Government gave the 13 examples (Fully updated) of the Naval Air Arm for a second hand market price away to the Federal German Navy and Portugal. So here, in the Dutch sky we do not see them anymore. A shame, but at least we have the modelling to keep them alive.

    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

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