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1/48 Academy F-16

September 3, 2013 in Aviation

This Academy kit has been around 15-20 years. It’s still available, and is one of the less expensive F-16 kits. I had a set of Florida ANG for an F-16, which was why I got the kit. I ended up with a simple kit, simple decals, and a simple paint scheme. It turned out decent with minimum effort, which on occasion, is very welcome. A nice break from a more time consuming project. Sometime less is more….

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6 responses to 1/48 Academy F-16

  1. You make a good case for a simple build. Nice.

  2. That’s the way to go FANG.

  3. What can I say Joe, yet another great build.
    As said above a simple but effective job.

  4. Joe,
    Looks real good. Great job. I don’t thinkI have ever seen an F-16 that I did not like. Yours, I like.

  5. Nice job mate. I’ve got a 1:32 scale tamiya project under way myself. However it is 4-5 weeks till completion as I am awaiting some decals from japan. This is unfortunately due to a reaction from humbrol decalfix to tamiya acrylic paint. One i was unaware of!

  6. Less is more, Joe, and that close up photo is great.

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