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Meng 1/35 M911 C-HET

September 12, 2022 · in Armor · · 12 · 0.9K

A highly detailed and a well-engineered model. I added 's on top of the trailer.

Two major drawbacks of the kit; rubber tires that after a year had big cracks. Thanks to the large number of tires, I swooped them around to show undamaged sides.

Having said well-engineered, there was a problem area namely, the trailer hitch. The hitch base plate is positioned too high resulting with trailer not horizontal and front trailer tires floating in the air. I followed the instructions diligently and tried several combinations but, the problem remained. Solution; remove the base plate when the trailer is attached.

As for the Abrams well, it is Tamiya and their traditional modular design that may sacrifice details is not important in this case.

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  1. Another exceptional model, Rafi! The Tamiya Abrams looks superb, as well. Rubber tires seem to typically cause more harm than good, yet it is interesting that a number kit manufacturers still go for them, not providing at least styrene alternatives most of the times.

  2. Great result, Rafi @blackmopane
    Nice trick on the rubber tyres. Let's hope the current visible sides remain intact.

  3. Thank you John
    I do not think that it will change much as the crack reduce the pressure within the rubber. Just in case, while handling this model I got motivated again and bought the Hobbyboss kit...

  4. Impressive build. I see that Meng offer moulded, weighted tyres for some of their kits, not sure if is one of them.

  5. Really nice work.

  6. Thank you Charles
    Since the model is impressive I plan to better the next one

  7. @blackmopane
    This one brings back memories. Ours were first delivered in overall dark green, then repainted in a desert tan color. You have done a magnificent job with your build. It looks great, and I have been around these haulers a lot having served as a tanker in the US Army. Somewhere I have some more pictures of these.

    This one is like yours and overall desert tan color.

    Here's a few for you. The first one is showing the trailer as another tank was being loaded. In the second one, I was driving a M-60A1 up onto one of these brutes. The trailer tires on the real thing were ultra heavy duty, with something like a 24 ply rating !

    I'm going from memory here, so please don't quote the actual numbers.

    I definitely pressed the "like" button.

    Well done !

  8. Thank you Louis
    Your phots are inspiring. Will definitely have another go.

  9. Great Build Rafi - I really love the weathering.

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