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RAF Mustang III 1/48 Tamiya.

September 13, 2013 in Aviation

Well this my second posting the Mustang III, done in natural finish.
The kit went together as any Tamiya kits do. The wings were a tight fit but hardly any filler used any where,. Had a bit if a nightmare with the colour scheme, I was originally going to paint the Dark Green over Ocean Grey uppers with Medium Sea Grey underneath but did not like the result. So I changed it to polished Aluminium all over and that nearly went tits up. The finish was rough as sandpaper but good old Micro mesh save the day and my sanity.
I also had a near disaster with the varnishing of the prop and spinner so it looks a bit rough but I did not have any spare decals to replace them.

Any how here it is done as a Polish Squadron 315 of the R.A.F.

All comments welcome

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2 responses to RAF Mustang III 1/48 Tamiya.

  1. I’ve been waiting to see how this one turned out, and I was not disappointed ! I know you battled this one all the way, Simon, and you came out on top. It looks great !

  2. You must be very pleased with how this turned out in the end, Simon, it looks nicely finished and the photos look great. What’s next, the Porsche??

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