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1/72 SAAF Canberra

October 3, 2014 in Aviation

Morne Meyer’s outstanding Canberra inspired me to share mine. This is the 1/72 “little brother” to Morne’s 1/48 model. I think this was the first new tool kit that Hornby did after their takeover of Airfix. The shapes are good,it assembles easily, and it came with high quality decals for three different planes, including the SAAF example that I built. The panel lines are a little deep and the cockpit area is built with inserts that need some work to fair in properly (hopefully this means that a “fishbowl” canopy Canberra is coming!). I painted it with Tamiya “Gloss Aluminum” lacquer straight from the rattle can. While it is nowhere near the hulking chunk of plastic that the 1/48 kit is, it is still a fairly substantial model and is a stubborn tail sitter. Every space fwd. of the main gear is filled with lead and bits of steel to get it to sit on its gear.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge

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20 responses to 1/72 SAAF Canberra

  1. Wow John!!! You did an awesome job on her. 453 was flown from Britain via the Canary Islands and Luanda, Angola to South Africa in 3 days. The Canberras kept their NMF up until their operational deployment to Angola. These Canberras also had a gun pack in their rear bomb bay. Well done!!!

  2. Well done John, great looking model

  3. John,
    Really nice I like what you have done here.

  4. Looks like a beautiful finish, John. I know what you mean about the heavy panel lines on the kit, although they don’t look too bad in your pics. Nice work.

  5. Great Canberra, with a perfect paintjob, the SAAF markings look really cool, something different. I guess the 1/72 Canberras will save much space, if you will do other versions.
    Well done !

    • Thanks Bernd! They did a new tool PR.9 that I’d like to build too. It would be nice if they did some of the fishbowl canopy variants and an American B-57 kit too. The older Airfix and Italeri kits aren’t too bad, but I’d still like new molds for these a/c.

      • Hi, John i hope for these variants too, with these type of canopy, they look still very futuristic. RoG has released the Matchbox moulding with new and very good decals.
        Got the B-57G from Italeri in the stash, its a nice kit, after i have seen, the new Italeri recessed panels, the older raised looks better, while subtle !

  6. I like the finish on this Canberra, it really suits it.

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