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Revell 1/24 Mustang Boss 302 1970

November 4, 2015 in Automotive

Here is one of my top five muscle cars, 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. This Revell kit is very good about fitment, but the decals were an issue apart.The stripes break into pieces, I buy another kit with Boss and Mach 1 versions for use decals. I now have a Mach 1 to assemble in near future kkkkk. I painted it exactly in grabber blue, and tried to be as faithful as possible on the udercarriage, using the colors and overspays exactly as the factory.

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11 responses to Revell 1/24 Mustang Boss 302 1970

  1. that’s a nice piece of work

  2. Very nice build, sir….very nice!

  3. Very sharp build sir. Well done mate.

  4. Man, I so envy car modelers who build at your level! Great job!

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice clean and sharp work. Good work on the paint job, it has a very glossy finish. A pleasure too see.

  6. Mustangs froom this era, and earlier, are so cool, and you’ve captured the look magnificently, Eduardo, let’s see some more!

  7. thanks guys for your comments… They make me feel fulfilled to be in the right direction about the final result of the kits.this type of automotive paint is very difficult, however very rewarding when the final result is as desired .. much study, pictures, and walkarounds for this finish.

  8. Really nice Eduardo, looking at this is like looking at the real thing. Very well done.

  9. Don’t know how I managed to miss this, as I’m considering the same kit as my next muscle-car build !!.
    Unfortunately the dashboard on my kit is warped and unusable so I’ve asked Revell for a new one (and a spare set of decals).
    Eduardo, I really like your model, the interior especially is superb – I always struggle to get mine looking ‘right’.


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