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C-9 Skytrain II,Airfix,1/144

September 9, 2016 in Aviation

Here is an Airfix DC-9 done up as a generic Navy C-9B, utilized by the navy’s logistical squadrons, On active duty me and my squadron mates racked up some frequent flyer miles on these birds going on detachments or catching the ship for deployment, as seen in the in flight shots, that’s when we wore the old dungaree uniform, and was allowed to where them when traveling on board navy A/C , mid 70’s. The very last shot is actually my last naval reserve unit a, C-9 squadron ,VR-52,in the late 90’s,Deactivated I believe as were the C-9s.

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5 responses to C-9 Skytrain II,Airfix,1/144

  1. Nice little build, Robert (that you catchin’ some Z’s)?

  2. Another old friend from my maintenance days! We occasionally did contract maintenance on the military DC-9’s when they came though, as they were basically identical to the ones we flew. They were known as “Bubba Jets” from the old Texas International days when the DC-9’s were the first airplanes one became a captain (Bubba) on.

  3. Bob, pretty build, nice and clean, love the markings.

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