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Fleet’s In.

December 23, 2016 in Ships

First up Airfix’s Rommel converted to USS Richard E Byrd 1/600 scale. Both were of the Charles Adams class DDG, with differences in radar and mast layout.
Second- Zvezda’s November class nuclear submarine.1/350 scale
Third- Revell’s reissue of Renwal’s toy like USS King which really is Mitchner class Destroyer leader, I did it as the McCain. 1/500 scale
Fourth- Monogram’s reissue of Aurora’s Skipjack class nuclear submarine.
Just some older builds while waiting to finish current ones, thanks and Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year too all.

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6 responses to Fleet’s In.

  1. Great stuff, I remember building the Aurora Skipjack and it had a little slide of the interior you could view through the main hatch!

  2. Ahoy, Mate….all aboard who’s gettin’ aboard… 🙂

  3. Looks good Robert.
    This class of destroyers had “yacht” lines beautiful!
    Dirk, The Netherlands

  4. Awesome work buddy. That Zvezda November class Sub really looks menacing.

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