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Bomber Command Mosquito B.IV

January 14, 2018 in Aviation

This is the second Tamiya 1/48th scale Mosquito I built when they were first released. The first one I built was the FB Mk VI version. This is the Tamiya Mosquito B Mk.IV released in 1999. Painted with Aeromaster acrylic paint. The decals were supplied with the kit and are 109 Squadron markings.

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21 responses to Bomber Command Mosquito B.IV

  1. Who doesn’t love the “wooden wonder”…? Besides, they fly really fast! 🙂

  2. Fast … and beautiful. What a great airplane; and yours is a great model of one!

  3. In the mid 1960s there were five of these aircraft parked in the weeds, outback the San Antonio Airport. They were painted in British markings with a sort of aquamarine camouflage and had slipper tanks. I never found anyone who knew where they came from or how they came to rest at that airport. As suburbia encroached the SAT, they eventually disappeared without a trace.

  4. Another one of your fine builds, great work!

  5. They’re both very nice, but I think I prefer this version, not sure why.

  6. What a wonderful wooden wonder !!!!!!!!!!!! Say that three times fast…… 🙂
    I like it ………………….. a lot.

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