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Eduard 1/32 Bf109E1, Jagdgruppe 88 “Legion Condor”

November 20, 2012 · in Aviation · · 5 · 2.5K

Here is my rendition of a Legion Condor Messerschmitt Bf109E1 using the kit. This is the aircraft of Uffz. Heinrich Windemuth, who was the last member of Jadggruppe88 KIA in Spain. He was shot down on February 6th, 1939 while attacking a Republican airfield at Villajuiga, Spain.

All the markings on the model are painted, and I used Montex's Spanish Civil War mask set. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with the paint peeling off when I took off the masking tape (wierd, I know) when I masked the model to paint the black on the fuselage and wingwalk area, as well as when using the Montex masks. Another issue was the fact that Montex's mask for the "6" (which I also used to paint the "9") is not the correct shape and is significantly too short on the tail part. Of course I noticed this after I painted them on, so I had to go back and correct them after the fact. I did not weather the model very much at all, as it was still a new aircraft when it was shot down, as can be seen by the very clean condition of the wreckage.

With all the conflicting information out there today regarding the colors of Legion Condor Messerschmitts, it did take me some time to decide what colors to use on my model. After researching extensively, and looking at as many high-quality photographs as possible in references like the Schiffer Legion Condor book and Merrick's Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings, as well as photos posted on model forums during some discussions on the RLM02 Grey Green vs RLM63 Grey Green vs RLM62 Bright Green color scheme, it was still difficult to decide.

In the end, while it was indeed a tough call, I decided to go with Merrick's (and ClassicColours Luftwaffe Colours Volume 1, section 2) color interpretation of RLM62 Bright Green over RLM 65 Blue Grey. I had also read that the black and white film used by the Germans in Spain had a tendency to filter the Green out, and this would support my findings in that the topside color of the high-quality photos I looked at was "too rich" in color and depth (if that makes any sense) in my opinion to by RLM02 or RLM63 Grey Green in the black and white photos. This also compares favorably when looking at aircraft with known, standard 5 color schemes (like Ju52's and bombers) where the 109 fuselage color is the closest to the second lightest color on the 4 color scheme, which would have been RLM62 Bright Green. Also, the contrast between the RLM65 undersides and upper surface colors is too great in my opinion to have been RLM02/RLM63. I ended up using Mr. Color's RLM62 and RLM65, as these matched the color chips I have in the Merrick books.

I know not everyone will agree with my choice of colors, and that is fine, as I am pleased with the way it looks. Hopefully someday we will find out what the real color was beyond a doubt! After all that, I hope you enjoy these photos of the finished model

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  1. Nice, clean build, Doug. Apparently you don't like painting figures either, huh? I'm terrible at it.

    • Thanks! I can't paint figures to save my life. I like to have them in my display case so that anyone looking at my models can get a good sense of scale. I came up with the idea of just painting them in primer grey, as to me, they look like they could be museum mannequins or something like that.

  2. sigh, makes me want to finish my 1/32 Me109-G6 as I have a resin figure set to go with it- a pilot and mechanic! Nice build- maybe I will finally start to push the 109 along now.

  3. A nice and clean build which IMHO conveys the spindly feeling of these early Messerschmitts. My one nit-pick is that I wish you had flattened the tires a bit. Great work in all other respects /M.

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