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1/32 AV-8b

Built before all the resin extras…
Removed the GPS antenna the Day attack bird did not have it
Stretched the outboard pylons The kit parts were too short
Filled the divot on the inboard pylons. The divot is not there
Re shaped the nose a little
filled the vent on the ventral strake…The B day attack did not have it.
Altered the kit pit. The Day attack had only one CRT…not two. Rebuilt the rest of the board to look like the real one
Added plastic to the left hand cockpit sill as the part is too short…also this was done to the firewall behind the seat…again to short.
Corrected the intakes at the wing root to a proper intake position…not the strait down look trumpeter gives you
Filled the the Faux gun position
added rotary cannon face in the “gun”
Det cord added from Flying leathernecks
Mavs and mounts from the Academy hornet
CBUs from the Tamiya eagle

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

3 responses to 1/32 AV-8b

  1. Very impressive build, Rob….looks great. Good work!

  2. Reeeaaaaallllly nice!

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