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Junkers Ju 87B-2 (Hasegawa 1:48)

December 20, 2012 · in Aviation · · 16 · 6.1K

Representing a of 2./St.G 77 based in Caen, France during August 1940

I have always been fascinated by the Stuka, especially those of the Battle of Britain period, and have wanted to build one for a long time but was never really sure what to represent, until I discovered this one. Shot down by Sgt. Basil Whall of 602Sqn 18th August 1940.
History of S2 + UN:
This aircraft force-landed on Ham Manor Golf Course (to the West of Angmering village), Littlehampton, Sussex. According to the information in 'The Battle of Britain, Then and Now', edited by Winston G Ramsey, After The Battle Publications (pg.589) the pilot Oberfw Geiger was killed and Oberfw Schweinhardt were captured and S2+UN was written off.
Two other versions of the story came to light recently regarding the fate of the crew. One from the Angmering History website claiming it was Stuka of 5 Staffel and it was the pilot Kurt Schweinhardt who was taken prisoner, but the radio operator Oberfeldwebel Willi Geiger died of his wounds which happened as a result of being shot by the Home Guard when he started to fire his pistol at them! The other is relayed by Alfred Price in The Hardest Day and covers the heavy fighting of 18 th August across theSouth Coast of England. The Stuka was attached to a large raid on Poling radar station and after being attacked by Sgt. Basil Whall, it made a gentle landing on the Golf course. The owner of the house on the course rushed out with a revolver to capture the crew. The two Germans eased themselves painfully out of the Stuka – the pilot bleeding from the leg and the radio operator with a neckwound, both crew were patched up but the radio operator later died of his wounds.The Stuka was pretty much intact but the landing ruined the 16th fairway! Well, whatever the truth, this is still just one of 17 Ju87's lost to the RAF on that fateful day!

Aires cockpit andengine set with scratch built wiring/detailing
Eduard photoetch set
Verlinden & Hasegawa Luftwaffe airfield sets
True Details weighted wheels
Handmade Luftwaffe hardstand using coffee stirrers, the groundwork is earth and pigments
Gunze/Aircraft Colors/Tamiya acrylics

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  1. So tell us, Charles...just what paint scheme are you going to choose for your new Tamiya 32nd Mustang when it arrives next month? - lol

    • should hold back a few of your builds for NEXT month's contest. Like that Lancaster, for instance. I've seen only a handful of competitors thus far that can give you a run for your money. You do some excellent work, my friend.

      • Since when is it all about winning a contest? As a professional, Charles leaves most of us in the dust, as he should, but it doesn't mean that everything else is of no use at all. If being a contender meant admission to the club, neither one of us would be here. Just sayin'.

  2. Charles... Outstanding effort.

  3. In the early 1990's I investigated this incident thoroughly and met many people who were there on the day that it landed. I have two pieces of metal from the aircraft (it was stripped by local children) and one of them is a metal cover with '5167' on the reverse. This is a super model Charles, but unfortunately the Squadron badge on the front is wrong. It took me a long time to find out what it was, and in actual fact this aircraft had the precurser to the cockerel badge. It had a badge with a depiction of Hitler riding a descending bomb or I presume it was Hitler, it was certainly with an a German officer astride it. If you check the picture with the various lads of the local LDV, you will see the white top of the officers cap on the badge behind them.

  4. Hold on, I need to correct that was a long time ago that I investigated it, but its badge of a rabbit with a white cap and a bomb descending above it. go to
    This shows it to be a machine from 5 /stg77 but I seem to recall it was from 2/stg77 . Either way this is the badge (invert it on the picture with the LDV in front. Incidentally, I have a copy of the battle report of Basil Whall for this day.

  5. Hi Andy, thankyou for your extensive comments about the build and really exciting to know you actually have pieces of this aircraft! I am considering changing the emblem if I can create a decent decal of the badge. The link you posted doesn't work so could you send me an image via email please?

  6. Many thanks Andy! Shouldn't be too much trouble to make a decal of that. Any chance of gettinga a copy of the battle report please?

  7. Many thanks Andy, an email version would be great...if you can find it! 😀

    • I have it Charles, actually took me two minutes to find and I had forgotten how interesting the was...

      it details time attack was delivered (2) at 1430 and 1445 hours at 6000 in the first instance and 50 feet in the second. There were between 40/50 Ju87's and several ME110's...He is claiming 2 Ju87's destroyed. He was in B flight 602 squadron which took off from West Hampnett (Goodwood) at 1415hrs on the 18th August. It says quote " Beam attack level in both cases. I was Blue 3 (602 squadron) Spitfires whihc took off from West Hampnett at 1415hrs and attacked first formation of Ju 87s. Singling one out which was flying parallel with coast before returning to base. I did two? (unreadable) seperate beam attacks and I saw it land at Poling apparently intact and pilot captured.

      I then folowed about ten ju 87s chasing about 2 miles out, singled out the most convenient and did four beam attacks, closing to 50 yards. I saw this JU87 crash into the sea. The rear gunner of this damaged my machine using 1 (unreadable) 0.5 ammunition. I then broke off to return to land but my engine caught fire and I crash landed just on the edge of the sea. One JU87 had a bright blue spinner. Retreating JU87's flew very low stradling all over the place and not yet in any formation. Signed S/P B.E.Whall 602 Squadron." Unquote...

      All very interesting. I have scanned it but cannot find your email. My email is [email protected] so happy to send it.

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