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Wingnut Wings Albatros D.V

April 20, 2013 · in Aviation · · 13 · 3.4K

This is my first WNW and large scale WW1 build and am very pleased with how easily it all went together. Although the detail that comes in the box is outstanding, I used the following aftermarket products:

Pheon Albatros lozenge decals, Gaspatch Turnbuckles, Bob's Buckles eyelets, EZ Line rigging thread, Master Details Spandau MG's, Taurus valves, lifters, spark plugs, timing gear and manifold nuts, BarracudaCast manifold (with piping from kit), Tiger Models exhaust pipe, and the RB Productions seat harness and wood grain templates. I also added various bits from thin wire.

Paints used were Floquil Antique White and Butternut for the fuselage base color; Ochre, SP Armor Yellow, and RLM 04 Yellow thinned and mixed 1:1 with Clear for the opaque varnish, WEM Nocciola Chiaro and Marrone Mimetico 4 for the wood grain beneath; Floquil Russian Light Grey, Reefer White, and Engine Black for the metal bits and markings. Burlington Green and SP Armor Yellow 2:1 for the interior metal bits; Floquil Old Silver, Copper, and Brass for the natural metal parts; Testors Metallizer Burnt Metal and Burnt Iron for the exhaust pipe.

Very enjoyable build and quite forgiving considering that it was my first foray into Great War in 1/32nd. I will definitely build their D.Va as well, but some of the RFC types are calling to me from the stash.

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  1. Yikes...sounds as if you spent almost as much on aftermarket as the kit. But from I'm seein', it was money well-spent.I'm not much for anything with two wings and rigging, but that looks great. Nice work

  2. Beautiful result, very very nice.

  3. Wonderful Albatros!

    Regards, Vlad.

  4. Gorgeous! One of these days, I'll get up the courage to dig into one of mine.

  5. Why Eric Wade Whipple what a beauty of a model you have here. I like the fact that it looks like an everyday western front warrior. Wood effects and rigging are great.

  6. a beauty Eric, perfect

  7. Looks to me like you've been doing WNW kits all your life. Very nice.

  8. Holy valve springs!... A real beauty Erik. Plywood finish is superb... too often the grain effect is overdone, but yours looks just like 1/32 birch ply with a yellowed varnish. Great job!

  9. Very well done Alby. The woodgrain is outstanding! The three of us that built the D.520's started on these about a year ago. We all got bogged down. I've got all my cockpit & engine work done but the rigging brought me to a halt. I've been collecting most of the aftermarket pieces as they came out but don't have a US source for Bob's buckles. Where did you get yours?

  10. Thanks for your kind comments, everyone!

  11. This is such a beautiful work. I also love the plane itself, very nice shapes and camp. I have a Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b but every time I open the box I feel scare and put aside...I'm such a w**p!

  12. One word... gorgeous! This is close to being my next modelling subject, so I hope it turns out half as good as yours. Great work and a beautiful rendition. Very well done.



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