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Monogram MiG-15 Korean War Ace

December 19, 2012 · in Aviation · · 9 · 3.7K

This is my from the old 1987 kit that also had an F-86. It is finished in Floquil Old Silver, with some panels done in other shades of silver or polishing to various degrees. It carries the markings of Russian Capt. Pavel Milauszkin. Flying for the North Koreans in 1952, Capt. Milauszkin was credited with 10 kills. The decals are the AeroMaster set, MiG Aces, no. 48-230. It's pretty much OOB but the cannon barrels are hypodermic tubing from the vet supplies at the farm and ranch store. Of course, you'll recognize the locale. I just have to find another venue for photos because even I'm getting bored with the Cameron Airport scene, it's just so damned convenient at about 4 minutes from our house. Anyway, here she is with all her defects!

ps. Sorry bout the out of focus front shot!

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  1. I have the good fortune to be around three 1:1 MiG-15s out at Planes of Fame, and this really looks excellent, and the choice of photography makes it look very realistic.

    I have one small nit to pick, which comes from looking at those airplanes, and that is that the nose ring seam should be a much more petite panel line. However, given what I know of building that hoary old monster of a kit, you have done a really estimable job with the result.

  2. Nice-lookin' build, must have the run of that place at the airport, huh? Makes for an outstanding 'background'.

    • Thanks Craig, again, that means a lot to me friend! Yeah, nobody bugs me out there at the airport. I was shooting some planes out there last year and met the city manager. He came over to check me out and took a look at a few pics on the camera. He thought it was pretty cool, so I guess I'm in like Flynn out there. But, I am looking for another airport to get some different scenes. I'm getting bored with the same old hangars. Bigger airports might be a bit "prickly" with me out on the tarmac. We'll see how it goes. Thanks again!

  3. Thank you Tom! Your compliments mean a lot to me, coming from a master model builder and aviation expert. It made my day sir! Yeah, I really wrestled with that nose ring seam to get it that far. It was pretty bad as you're aware it seems. I finally just said,"to hell with it", lol. Good enough for government work. (well, Soviet gov't work that is.) On a similar note, I'm currently building the HobbyBoss MiG-17 and it has a horrendous fit between the front and rear fuselage sections. I had to dig out the body shop spot filler for a couple places and I hope I can re-scribe the joint line when I'm done sanding that.

  4. If there are indeed any defects, I can't see them.
    In your photos it looks just as clean and simplistic as the real thing. Not sure if its the model or the photography but who cares? The result is great.

  5. Looks pretty nice, Gary ! I’m about to finish up the same one. Yours looks very realistic in the airport photographs.

  6. @ssgt, Thanks for that nice comment Jay! ? Please let us see your MiG when it's finished! ?

  7. I haven’t been having much luck with my model building. Last think that survived the build process was a Stuka last September . I’m hoping this MiG will turn out ok.

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