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SNJ / T-6 1/48th scale Revell / Monogram

December 12, 2012 · in Aviation · · 8 · 2.5K

Back in the 60's and early 70's it wasn't uncommon to drive through rural airports and come across an ex-Military aircraft on the tarmack. After WWII you could buy one. And many were bought and flown to airports all over the country.
Some had long civilian careers and some never left the airport and were put aside and scrapped after years of just sitting and rotting away and being picked apart by vandals. Some seemed to always get a reprieve from the cutting torch to someday fly again!
This SNJ-5 Texan is one of the few that would survive to fly another day and become a Warbird.

This one was fun to build.

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  1. John... Been there and seen that at small airports. Great idea and well done. You have set me to thinking about doing something along those lines.

  2. Very cool idea and nicely executed.

  3. I would suspect it took a lot more work and talent to get it looking like that than if you were do a straight build. Some of MY 'straight' builds end UP lookin' like that! Nice work, JJ

  4. Given how hard it is to take a model and turn it into a "wreck", you have done some excellent work here. It looks very believable.

  5. Really neat. Excellent work.

  6. that's a terrible thing to do to a kit! A very beautiful lkind of terrible though! I wish i had the guts to take a derelict on! Great presentation!

  7. said on May 18, 2013

    GREAT job of recreating a SNJ "sitting" .. My Uncle also had an SNJ he too found in a back farmyard, and restored it .. IT, too, sometimes looked like this one ! the more one looks at these pics, it is hard to believe it IS only a model !

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